Excerpt from my new book, “The Necklace VII – London, 1815,” where James and Susan time-travel back to Regency England to live a new life together. But will they succeed?

Count Diego Bianchi was livid as he called for his carriage and left Lady Susanna’s come-out ball, revenge being uppermost in his mind. He was determined to make the girl his one way or another, and once he had done so, he would beat her within an inch of her life to make her understand her place. No female was ever going to get the best of him. His Contessa must be submissive and docile, and he would make her so.

As he contemplated what had happened in the library at Bradford House, he clenched his fists and swore in Italian. He might have been raised in England but was fluent in his native language. As his Contessa, Susanna would also have to learn his language. And, he decided, he would take her to La Spezia never to return to England again. Her parents might be allowed to visit based on her behavior. Should she prove rebellious in even the smallest way, she would never see them again.

Leaning back into the squabs of the carriage, he turned his thoughts to Viscount Hollingsworth and his two friends, Captain Moulton, and Sir Harry Stanhope. They would pay the price, perhaps with their lives, for interfering in his pursuit of the woman he wanted for himself.