I always have people tell me they would love to write a book but just don’t think they can do it. I always hear things like, “I just can’t seem to get started because I freeze up,” or “I have a story and the characters in mind but everything goes blank when I start to write.”
And I tell them, “You’re stressing out about it too much.”
If you want to be a writer, quit thinking so hard about writing and just imagine yourself telling a story to someone as if they’re sitting across from you. Just let the words flow out of your head onto the page as if you’re speaking them instead of writing them.
If you have characters in your head that are begging to come out, just let them do the talking while you put it on the page.
While this might not work for everyone, it will work for many.
#1 is to relax and not stress about it…just let it flow. Let your characters take over. You’ll surprise yourself.