native-cover_5374546_kindle-front-coverMost of my Wattpad readers are from India, Indonesia, Nigeria or the Philippines. A recent comment from a reader in Indonesia:

Hi, I’m Afi your biggest fans from my hometown in Indonesia ^^
You told me on your previous mail to tell you when I’m done reading 3.
So, here I’m… I just done reading your book 3 last night in what? 3 days? 😀
I just cant stop reading whenever I have free time… Its like a drug which make me cant get enough to read read and read until I didnt realize that I have already on the last page of the story
Thats what your amazing story did to me 😉
And Oh… poor james to be left behind on his wedding day
Poor Susan having dilema between the love of her life in present and previous time,
I have learned from this book that when you love someone no matter how many times he/she makes mistake and hurt your feeling if you truely love each other there is always a way to solve them isn’t it?
Can’t wait to read the next book here ^0^
Big thanks and love,