Soooooo…last December I went to a psychic, (Barbara at Amythest Moon) who told me there would be 6 books in “The Necklace” series. I said, “No way…#5 is going to be the last.”
So, I wrote #5, which I finished a few months ago but never felt quite right about. It’s in 4 parts and Part 4 just seemed rushed. I went to see Barbara again a couple of days ago and the first thing she said to me was, “Oh! You’re the author who is writing a book series that’s related to music somehow, right?” When I said “Yes,” and that I’d finished the series with book #5, she got a troubled look on her face and said, “No, no…you need to write book #6. You HAVE to write book #6!”
“Ugh!” I thought. How was I going to do that because I pretty much ended it in book #5 (won’t say why if you haven’t read it yet.) So, I removed Part 4 and re-published #5 on Amazon in the Kindle store, and am now going to do a book #6.
This also means that I had to change the title of #5, which I did. The funny thing is that I still haven’t submitted #5 to Create Space for the print version…and maybe there was a reason for that!